2020 Welcome to the Future

As we start the new decade, our dear colleagues Shilpa and Susie invite you to take a look back at how forecasters and visionaries predicted we would be living in 2020.

How does predicting the future impact the now and how have past predictions influenced and shaped the world we live in today? As designers and researchers, we pour over reports and trend forecasts and this explicitly or sometimes discretely impacts the decisions we make in terms of designs and inferences. Does this over time lead to better strategies or do we end up with creating self-fulfilling prophecies an over homogenised viewpoint?

This event will be a talk followed by a design exercise. Come, even if you’re not a researcher or designer. Everyone has their own cool idea of how 2050 might look like - so let’s grab a bite to eat and share those ideas!

Datum konání:

20.02.2020, od 18:00




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