Design System Meetup - Tools & Sharing

Let's meet and discuss a topic that is requested the most. What tools we use when we work with design system and how we share assets in our team. Let's talk about how it works in our teams, inspire others with and get inspired.

Topics we probably cover in our discussion:
How are we handing design between designers and developers?
What tools do we use for documenting design system?
How do we work with Sketch & symbols?
How do we share assets between team members?
Are we using something else than Sketch when designing with design system? What about designing in Windows environment?
What are good tools for versioning our designs?
Are we using tools like Storybook for component previews?
... or anything tools related you come with.

We have a reservation in bar coming soon on Anděl from 6 pm. We look forward to all designers, front-end developers, and other system thinkers!

Datum konání:

21.06.2018, od 18:00


Bar coming soon


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