Design Systems Breakfast Prague – August 2020

Let's chat about our design systems news, challenges, and questions with like-minded professionals.

We can loosely discuss topics like how to approach organizational buy-in, share tips on design tooling, or telling a story of how it works in your company and what you have planned next. We can also discuss what are some new things that happened in the design systems community.

As this is an informal participant-driven meeting, there won't be any talks prepared. Bring any design systems topic you'd like to talk about! No preparations needed.

This is English friendly morning meetup. Places are limited, so RSVP only when you really want to join.

Be mindful to other people and come only if you don't have any respirational issues, or you know that you haven't met anyone with COVID symptoms ????

Datum konání:

26.08.2020, od 09:00


Gate Restaurant


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