Jobs To Be Done in Practice

We invite you to the second meetup in the #innovation track of Producttank Prague. Jobs to be Done (JTBD) came out as the second topic of interest when we kicked-off Producttank last year so we’re very happy to announce that we managed to get together a number of JTBD practitioners who will share with us their practical knowledge using real life examples and case studies.

The talks and speakers:

* JTBD then and now - Dominik Michna, Product Designer at Seznam
* JTBD in Practice - Tomas Bartl, Senior Innovation Designer at Direct People
* Product Therapy - Dominik, Tomas & Martin Cacky, Director Product Management at Seznam

After two short presentations we’ll have a Product Therapy (™) session where you can bring in your challenges in the area of product design, user research or anything that comes to mind during the talks. Your fellow attendees and our speakers will be there to listen and give you advice. We do realize we are competing with an evening on the sofa, a romantic dinner or reading a book on this topic ;) but we still hope that you’ll 'hire this meetup' to: * Get updated on the state of JTBD, its key players and existing inconsistencies
* Understand in what situations JTBD is relevant to use and what alternatives are out there
* Learn from how JTBD was used on several projects and what the effect was on the final product The Agenda:

18:00 - Registration and networking
18:25 - Welcome
18:30 - Dominik Michna; JTBD then and today
18:50 - Tomas Bartl; JTBD in practice
19:30 - Break, drinks, snacks :)
19:45 - ?? product therapy and networking

This event is free, in English and will take place at one of the coolest places in Prague just behind Muzeum at the top of Vaclavske Namesti !

We are very happy with LMC, the company behind (amongst others),, Prace za Rohem, Seduo, sponsoring this event. Check them out.

Oh, to refresh your knowledge on JTBD and prepare for the evening we recommend you to

Watch :

* Tony Ulwick :
* Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek:


Alan Klement:

• What to bring
Bring a critical mind and lots of questions ! This is the ultimate opportunity to get your questions answered. We'll be using SLI.DO so bookmark their page or install the app.

• Important to know
We'll not have any limit on signups but ask you to update your attendance here on meetup.

Datum konání:

20.03.2018, od 18:00


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