MobileHCI 2017

Welcome to MobileHCI 2017: The Mobile HCI Conference Series has shaped research, development and practice in mobile devices and services for nearly two decades. In 2017, the Conference will forge a set of new agendas for the decades to come.

With the coming of driverless cars; drones; wearables and implantables; and an ecology of embedded devices and services in the everyday environment, there has never been a more exciting and pressing time to debate and explore what digital mobility means.

Attendees will hear from world-leading groups; see, touch and feel new mobile user experiences; be inspired by industry and academic thought-leaders; and still have time to network and form future collaborations.

MobileHCI brings together people from diverse areas which provides a multidisciplinary forum for academics, hardware and software developers, designers and practitioners to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for effective interaction with and through mobile devices, applications, and services.

MobileHCI 2017 welcomes contributions related to any aspect of HCI technology, experience, methodology, and theory—or any mix thereof, and beyond, and solicits proposals for workshops, demonstrations, tutorials, and industrial case study papers.

Datum konání:

04.09.2017 - 07.09.2017

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