NetSuite design talk - "Why Research"

Hello everyone,

Once again we are happy to invite you to another design event hosted by NetSuite Design team. 

The event is free and the capacity is 50 spots so be quick about signing up! Snack will be provided. 

As some of you know, we have sent out a survey recently and many of you asked for a topic around Research / Requirement gathering.

We listened and we are delivering!

This time will take a deep dive into research and we are bringing you Susan Simon Daniels - Principal User Researcher at NetSuite | Oracle.

Susan will share with you her tips and ideas how to execute research. As we always aim for practical use - not just a theory, we will provide you with materials which you can use in your next research project.

After her presentation, we will have a panel discussion where you will have a chance to ask any questions regarding research and requirement gathering to our UX leads and product manager.

The official program will take about 2 hours and after that, we would like to invite you as well for snack and networking, where you will have an opportunity to meet with other designers and have a good chat over a cup of coffee.

One extra golden nugget is that if you currently struggle or need some advice on your research project, you can ask Susan and other experts after the presentation and get concrete feedback on your current project.

Looking forward to see you! 

A couple of words about Susan
As UX professional, Susie listens to and observes people using products and services—but not in a creepy way. Then, Susie works with design and product teams to make those experiences better. Something she’s been doing for more than 25 years. Susie earned a Masters in Language and Rhetoric from Waterloo and became a Certified Usability Analyst through Human Factors International. Currently, at Oracle | NetSuite, Susie has had stints at Maple Soft, Open Text, Sun Life, Manulife, Quarry Integrated Communications, BlackBerry and Intel Security. Susie dedicates her working hours to improving the user experience of software, hardware, websites and mobile devices. When not advocating for better user experiences, Susie and her high-school sweetheart are busy raising one often well-behaved daughter and one less well-behaved dog.

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19.03.2018, od 18:00


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