Projector design meetup #12

Hey there.
Hope that you are doing well and we'll see you soon. Because we've prepared two more cool talks about... could you guess? Sure, about the design.

This time we'll meet in the cozy SinnerSchrader office.

The first speaker will be Michaela Sulkova and Lukáš Mikovec (UX designers at SinnerSchrader Prague), with a topic 'Control the experience'.
As humans, we tend to draw incorrect conclusions, we make illogical decisions and last but not least, we create our own subjective version of reality. Together we’ll have a look at some of the examples, how we can evaluate the situation, and how to apply the knowledge on products and team cooperation itself.

After the networking session during a short break, we'll meet with Tim Dekker (UX designer at
Every designer wants to be the ultimate user defender, but how do we stimulate others to do the same? I will share some of my own learnings and cases from working with global corporations and small startups. Let's help others see design as a strategic tool instead of visual polishing.

We'll start at 18:00 by opening the gates.
The first talk will start at 18:30.

Just a kind reminder, that after the event we always go somewhere to get a few more beers and talk without ties. So, don't do any plans if you want to join. It's always cool there.

See ya!

Datum konání:

06.05.2020, od 18:00




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